Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shaping C Bouts on the Mold

Friday, March 21
More work on the mold: 

The 1" belt sander worked really well on the convex curves, but to get inside the concave curves around the corners, the sanding bands on the drill press (or are they called spindle sanders?) worked so well to get the right curve. Elmer picked a size that nearly matched the radius in that corner, which was awesome. 

I spent soooo much time trying get those corners right. It was so hard to get then pointed; my first one is not perfectly pointed, so I'll just have to lengthen that point and compensate on the actual top and back plates. 

I stamped my name on the mold when it was done being shaped and put on a few coats of min-wax wipe on poly to seal the wood. 

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